My Photography Kit

I've never really explained my kit before and I thought this might be the best way to show you all what I normally carry around with me. (This also sometimes includes my laptop)

I've been using canon cameras ever since I started taking photos. Firstly it was a film camera (classic), then I slowly moved onto digital. I got my first Mark iii while I was at university and it's been my favourite camera ever since. The images you get out of this thing are incredible, but unfortunately it doesn't take the best videos, so i'm thinking of branching out to get something with a bit more quality.

So, I always have my Tamron 24-70mm and Canon 50mm lens' with me. I usually stick to the 24-70mm, unless I'm shooting portraits or objects and then I will switch to the 50mm. At the time I just couldn't justify getting a Canon 24-70, so I read up on good alternatives and this was one of the best. I love the quality of it and it will always be one of my favourite lens'. I've had my trusty 50mm lens for many years now, it's incredible in low light situations and is my favourite lens for portraits. I have been told I should try out a 35mm and 80mm so hopefully I will have a new addition to my kit soon!

Now, everyone has heard about Drones, wether you are into photography or not. At first I was very skeptical, because I thought you had to spend thousands and thousands to get a decent one, but after researching I found that you can get a Phantom 3 standard for a few hundred pounds. It was a great starter drone and helped me get used to the whole idea of a drone. Recently, I've moved onto the Mavic Pro and haven't looked back since, not only is it absolutely tiny so you never have to worry about it weighing you down, but the footage you get from it is outstanding.  If you're looking at getting a drone, wether that be for a hobby or professionally I would definitely recommend the Mavic Pro!

For my birthday I got this WNDRD camera bag. After searching for months and months for a camera bag I came across this brand and it is the best camera bag I have ever owned. It opens at the back so it feels much safer carrying it around, it also has a little pocket at the back for your passport or any important documents that you can easily get to. The best feature for me was the side pocket which allows easy access to your camera so you can get it out while walking along so you never miss a shot again. I'm also able to fit everything you see here in the bag, along with my laptop and a spare jumper/socks etc for walks. Can't recommend this enough

I've also just started using a polarising filter and it's a game changer. Polarising filters do so many different things, like get rid of reflections and it gets rid of the glare of an over exposed sky, which comes in handy for landscape shots. I'd definitely recommend one for anyone shooting landscape, as I wish I'd started using one sooner.